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Chinese GP 2009

Thrilling but Frustrating!!!

That is excatly how I conclude what happened in Malaysia. It was a really exciting race and showed us how much the new rules have helped to create a highly competitive race. At some parts of the race I was comparing it to the motogp where “taking over” is just a natural outcome of racing unlike the old formula1 where you can count the overtakes on your fingers !!!!.

Except for the dominating Rosberg and Button, the first laps were hot enough to keep you staring at the TV and as the race rhythem began to slow down as the rain started adding more heat to the race especially after the teams used the extreme wet tyres then had moved to the intermediates as the track wasn’t wet enough but nearly after 1 lap of using the intermediates, it started pouring forcing the drivers to pit again for the full wets!!!

Until that the race was thrilling. Unfortunately the rain was above the limits and forced the race control to pause the race and until that I was excited about the restart especially having both KERS and non KERS cars. I had to wait until the rain stops and the track condition improve. But at that point the sunlight was fading and the nighttime was approaching and started to think about the possibilities to continue the race and as the time goes, it seemed to be impossible and they are just waiting for the 2hr (The max. official time for a race) to come to an end to declare the race finished!!!

(The Frustrating part) At the end they had done so with less than 50% of the race remaining so the drivers were awarded half the point only!!

The Final ranking was considered as the lap before the race was stopped handing the win to Button followed by Heidfeld and Glock.

Actually, what is frustrating me is not only that the race came to an premature end but the fact that everyone knows that it rains heavily in the afternoon in tropical Malaysia and with the race set to start at 5pm local time, there will be a very narrow margin to race with a good visibility before the light fades (The drivers had a problem with visibility in Melbourne also because of the late start time). And yet they decided to do so for the sake of Bernie Eclestone who wanted a suitable start time for the TV viewers in the formula1 center (Europe) to make some extra millions of dollars!! Anyway, I will write about that in another post.

Final Race Results

1. BUTTON Brawn
2. HEIDFELD BMW +22.7s
3. GLOCK Toyota +23.5s
4. TRULLI Toyota +46.1
5. BARRICHELLO Brawn +47.3s
6. WEBBER Red Bull +52.3s
7. HAMILTON McLaren +1m00.7s
8. ROSBERG Williams +1m11.5s
9. MASSA Ferrari +1m42.1s
10. BOURDAIS Toro Rosso +1 lap
11. ALONSO Renault +1 lap
12. NAKAJIMA Williams +1 lap
13. PIQUET Renault +1 lap
14. RAIKKONEN Ferrari +1 lap
15. VETTEL Red Bull +1 lap
16. BUEMI Toro Rosso +1 lap
17. SUTIL Force India +1 lap
18. FISICHELLA Force India +2 laps
R. KUBICA BMW +30 laps
R. KOVALAINEN McLaren +31 laps

Fastest lap: Button, 1m36.641s

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