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Alonso convinced Renault will improve, Should we Believe?

Alonso said: “I believe in this team and we saw last year that they know how to fight back and find performance from the car."

And that's not strange about Alonso, We have seen how he won 2 back to back world titles before with Renault. We have seen him after moving to Mclaren and how he contributed to the development of their 2007 dominating car, which they announced earlier that season that the car was specially designed to adapt to Alonso driving style.

We have also seen how Renualt struggled in that season without Alonso, their car was pretty slow on most of the occasions. But that changed with Alonso moving back to his home in 2008. yes they were slow in the first half of the season but that was a thing Alonso couldn't help as the development of the car was started eariler in 2007 when Alonso was still in Mclaren, and by the 2nd half of the season we have seen dramatic improvments and eventually Alonso mananged to win 2 races from the last 4 races!!

So as we see Alonso is a very good driver regarding the development of the car, he can tell you the point of weakness and give you a hint on what the car needs. But this time will be more difficult than last year as the new rules have banned unofficial car testing, making the drivers of a little use when it comes to the car development. Teams now have to depend on the virtual results from the wind tunnel and simulators to develop their aerodynamics.

Hope to see Renualt recovering, but they have to do it the hard way
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