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The Super Brawns: Is it only about diffusers?

Should we explain the Brawn dominance with their tricky diffuser?

If we look to the 10 teams, we can classify them into 4 categories according to their performance in the first 2 races:

A: Front runners with diffusers
Brawn GP, Toyota & Williams

B: Highly competitive without diffusers
Redbull, ToroRosso, BMW

C: Also no diffusers, but come after group B
Ferrari, Mclaren, Renualt

D: Tail of the grid
Force India

So although, Toyota & Williams ran with the U diffusers, The Brawns outpaced them in the both occasions. On the other side, group B showed a highly competitive performance and nearly an equal pace to group A (except the Brawn GP), yet group B run with the regular diffuser!

Also as we look to that classification we will find that both group B & C run without the Brawn's diffuser yet group B showed a slight to average edge over group C!

So I think that the diffusers play a role but it is not the Brawn's special formula. Button was a whole one second faster than the closest competitor in Malaysia, including other diffuser equipped cars! I think that the Brawn's car has other strength in many areas and may be Ross Brawn is happy about the diffuser issues as it may be misleading for the other teams to focus on the diffusers and forget about other possible stuff.

Anyway, we shall see.
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