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Chinese GP 2009

China: Qualimeter

Thoughts about the qualifiers:

1- Vettel: a fantastic job with a regular diffuser and did it in 1 lap only ion Q3!. Expected to have a slightly lower fuel load for a shorter first stint.

2- Alonso: The Spaniard is back again!. Although now he had a double Decker diffuser but he had only 3 laps to adapt to it and he managed to do so and get the most from the new parts added to his car. Also expected to have a low fuel load

3- Webber: RedBull again!. We shall expect from them alot this season.

4- Barrichello: Finally out qualified his teammate, a step forward for him.

5- Button: He failed to reach his 3rd poll on the row. But let us wait and see the fuel load.

6- Trulli: Good job but not a brilliant one.

7- Rosberg: Again, poor qualifing performance compared to the free practice.

8- Kimi: At least he still managed to reach Q3.

9- Hamilton: First time in top ten this season. Sure Mclaren is improving.

10- Buemi: Another solid performance from the newcomer.

11- Heidfeld: Again his strange qualifing performance like the last season but this time he out qualified his teammate.

12- Kovalainen: Not up or down

13- Massa: Another disappointing qualifier for him and his team. He is lacking concentration.

14- Glock: Very bad day for him especially with the gearbox penalty added.

Worth to mention:

18- Kubcia: It is one of the rare times that he is out qualified by his teammate, Heidfeld. It wasn't his day. May be it's Tommorrow!

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