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The Diffuser Appeal: Random Thoughts

Tuesday, 14th of April. That's the date set by the FIA international court for the diffusers appeal hearing. Ferrari, Mclaren and Renualt protested aganist the U shaped diffuser used by Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota in the Australian GP but the protest was rejected by the race stewards and the teams decided to appeal that decision. But the question is how much do they really count on that appeal?

Most probably the appeal will be rejected too and that is for 2 reasons:

1. The FIA has accepted that diffuser when it was proposed to the FIA technical director before the beganing of the season, even before the teams put it into function.

2. The Stewards have cleared it TWO times (Australia and Malaysia)

3. The appealling teams only protested because the U diffusers are aganist the spirit of the rules (Not aganist the rules itself) as Briatore said:

"The interpretation of the regulations was very clear in the past - the cars need less downforce for safety reasons. Correct?" said Briatore.

"Every time we build a new car it was to be two to three seconds slower than the previous car. Correct? That was always the intention of the Federation (International d'Automobile).

"What happened here is that the three teams are going pretty clearly in the direction of downforce. And as we all knew that we will run on slick tyres from '09 on, it was the intention of FIA president Max Mosley and the Federation to impose new rules to reduce downforce.

"But somebody was going in the downforce direction that was forbidden by the FIA, and that is not following the principles of the rules.

Another issue, The FIA desicion isn't always technical but politics play role!. Let's admit that Brawn is important for Mosley (The Big BOSS) as it is a live proof on the success of his Formula1 vision, a new team with customer engine, low budget but front line performer. So rejecting the diffusers will put an end to a team like Brawn GP because they don't have the budget to build another a totally new car with the regular diffusers. Also they will lose all the points of the first 2 races attracting NO sponsors at all!

The rejection of the diffusers will open the door to the Ferrari/Mclaren age, dominating the formula1 making it less appealing for the crowds and sure that's the least thing the FIA wants.

So why the teams have protested in the first place? That's a tricky question....

Now we knows that they know "The diffusers are technically legal but it is all about ethics", so may be it is just about ethics and that the rules were intended to reduce the downforce and the U diffusers are using a grey area in the rules.

But I can also think that is a media cover!

Imagine a 1 month old team (Brawn GP) hughly outpaced the formula1 big names; Ferrari and Mclaren?! And they can't do anything about that may be until May (Spanish GP) which is the first race that they can have their cars with a U diffuser so they will be in a very bad public situation, it will affect thier image and may reflect on commerical income. The appeal have just opened them a good exit, at least they won some valuable time.

Now, They are officially waiting for the appeal but at the same time working 24/24 to have a one ready.
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